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Our Management

PGS management have 40 collective years experience at the cutting edge of UK Special Forces operations

Unrivalled Experience, Knowledge and Understanding

PGS Group’s Managing Director served in the Royal Marines and the United Kingdom’s Special Forces (UKSF) as a qualified Special Boat Service (SBS) Officer, gaining considerable counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics experience in various environments throughout the world.  His role saw him at the forefront of SBS operational planning, not only for the UK’s maritime counter-terrorist response, but also on wider land operations around the globe, working closely alongside senior figures from national agencies and international organisations.  A proven commander he has led Royal Marines and SBS Operators on operations globally, including humanitarian Peace Support Operations in Kosovo, emergency relief operations in Bangladesh, counter-insurgency operations in Iraq and counter-terrorist operations in Afghanistan.  His project management experience is extensive and he received national recognition for operational command, leadership and management of a UKSF mentored and trained Afghan Counter-Terrorist Task Force on operations in Afghanistan in 2009 (Member of the British Empire).  Recently he served in the UK's Directorate of Special Forces as the primary maritime and land force development Officer (2009-2011).  In this role he was directly responsible for all UKSF land and maritime counter-terrorist capabilities and force development/generation, including full spectrum project management from training and equipment procurement to doctrine development and logistical sustainment.  He retired from the Special Boat Service as a Major in 2011.

PGS’s Operations Director served over 22 years in the UK’s Royal Marines, including 17 years’ service as a qualified SBS Operator in UKSF and 3 years’ service with the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (2011).  A decorated and highly experienced counter-terrorist specialist, he has deployed on strategic land and maritime counter-terrorist operations worldwide, including the Arabian Gulf, Afghanistan, Balkans, Africa, South America, Asia and Iraq. Prior to leaving UKSF he spent 3 years as the Wing Sergeant Major in charge of the SBS’s Counter Terrorist Wing, where he was chiefly responsible for the supervision and detailed planning of the SBS’s Counter-Terrorist response.  Additionally his role involved coordinating and delivering multi-disciplined land and maritime counter-terrorist training to UKSF operators across the SBS, as well as foreign mentored CT forces.  He has extensive knowledge of planning, organising and conducting national level exercises and operations and is highly experienced in all aspects of security, particularly specialist reconnaissance and counter-surveillance.

PGS’s Training Director recently left the United Kingdom Special Forces (2011) to start PGS Group, following a 22-year career in the Royal Marines, 15 of which were spent as a qualified SBS Operator in the Special Boat Service.  Throughout his career he served in multiple operational environments worldwide, including operational service in Afghanistan, Asia, Bosnia, Caribbean, Iraq and Northern Ireland.  Pete has extensive knowledge and experience of all aspects of global counter-terrorism in both the land and maritime environments. His former role in UKSF was as Chief Instructor of the SBS’s Counter Terrorism Wing, where he was chiefly responsible for training UKSF operators in all aspects of counter-terrorist operations.  He was also responsible for the introduction, development and implementation of new tactics, techniques and procedures that are currently highly regarded throughout the UKSF Group and amongst their global counterparts.  He has extensive knowledge of sourcing specialist and innovative security equipment and excels in the planning and delivery of solution focused training.